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Renegade Definition - “a person who deserts and betrays an organisation, country, or set of principles.”


See I never wanted to work for myself just to fit in and be like everybody else in the fitness industry

I wanted to create my own style which is unique and that nobody else offers

I’ve always loved training and love trying new styles of training

Being a kid I played football and sports

I joined the Army at 16 and spent 6 years in there

I discovered bodybuilding after leaving the Army which kept me in a disciplined routine and helped me grow muscle

I tried Calisthenics to see what my body was capable of on its own

I completed Ironman to see if I still had the mentality to do it

Applied for Total Ninja Warrior to test my agility

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to learn a martial art

Spent time Powerlifting to see how strong I could become

I’ve enjoyed all of the above training, hit goals in each of them and learned lots from each one

Also I’ve been coached in different ones which has also helped me experience how different styles of coaching works

I also believe that trying new styles of training, setting new goals and working hard towards them can be a key to long term training consistency

So as a result of just over 20 years of training myself and nearly 9 years of working in the fitness industry Renegade Strength & Fitness is the result of what I’ve experienced and learned along the way

I want to help people try new things in the gym, help them hit goals they may have never thought of or thought they could even achieve

I want you to come in my gym and train long term and have an experience that you would never get anywhere else

With these classes and set up we have in the gym now we are on the perfect position to do this

There’s lots of new things to come this year to help you work towards new goals and to keep you motivated to train hard

There’s still a lot more learning and experiences to come from my part

But I believe I know enough now of how to help people create a unique gym experience like no other


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